Welcome to Les Cookies de Monttessuy

In Paris 14th “arrondissement” started the wonderful journey of “les cookies de Monttessuy”. The cookies factory is separated from the shop by a glass window that allows curious to see and smell the delicious batter for cookies.

 At Les cookies de Monttessuy, we prepare both sweet and savoury Cookies, the latter being quite rare in France. We will propose you various cookie flavours such as goat cheese, olives, chorizo… Flavours change according to the seasons or the wish of our Chef! The soft and sweet and cookies are available in different shapes from the most classic to the most unexpected. Gift packs are available all year long and you will additionally find ingredients for pastries and “Palais des thés” products in our shop.

The Cookies factory can also become yours for the duration of a Cookies workshop. Come with your family, friends, for birthday parties… and make cookies at our cooking classes!

You can also opt for a cookie box to take away and enjoy them in one of the various park in the neighbourhood. But if you want more, you can also spot one of our resellers, like tough cookie shop, that is mayber closer than the shop.

 Now why is it that we created this website in English?

Well, we thought it would be good to translate the website for you, English native speakers. Either expatriates in the city of light, regular catchers of the Eurostar or Britons coming for two weeks during the holidays, we made it for you. Because we have had some English speakers coming at our shop 88 Rue Didot and they seemed to like what we do. And because after all, we kind of stole the idea from you, accross the Channel!

Allowing you to find something that reminds you home when you feel a bit low is the least we can do! 



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    Original Starters Ideas

    Choose your savoury cookies flavour among figs, goat cheese, chorizo ... and associate your topping to create your original starter !

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    Discover our collection

    We provide you a range of gift packs for various occasions

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