Cookies & Cocktail workshop

Atelier cookies Paris & ApéroProgram your “apéro-workshop”!

Find a date and come as a group !! What is more fun that a cookies workshop with your friends followed by a savoury cookies aperitif?

Workshop for adults over 18 years old.

  • Place: 88 rue Didot 75014 Paris
  • Theme : Cookies workshop with friends
  • Price : 60€/person
  • Length : 2h-2h30
 How the workshop will run:
  • Initiation to the taste of dehydrated fruits, dry fruits, chocolate chips… We will use several of your enses: taste of course but also sight and smell.
  • Choice of diffenrent ingredients to compose your own personalised cookies.
  • Making of the dough and shaping of 10 middle size cookies.
  • As the cookies cool down, we finish to prepare the  savoury cookies and put them in the oven.
  • Decoration of the boxes: no drawing and painting is not only a kid’s activity!
  • Savoury cookies and champagne aperitif.
  • Each participant goes back home with the box of ten cookies, its chef’s hat and a recipe reminder.

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