Cookies: orders and deliveries

From authorized Distributor to trustworthy partner

At les cookies de Monttessuy, you work with me, Aurélie Le Grand, Creator and manager of the brand. If you can make an order it is because we physically met, that you saw my cookies factory, that you know our products and that we share the same values. I sent you the details of the prices and everything is ready for the beginning of a nice journey.

But we have actually more to put in place. I am searching for constructive partnerships. Hand-crafted, good quality and trust. We will work together one for another. I produce, you sell. We are one. The more you sell, the more we make, the more we win. The more our clients are happy, and we like them, our clients, we take great care of them.

So at Cookies de Monttessuy, when you come to us, you become family.