How do we make the Cookies de Monttessuy ?

Sweet cookies

Fabrique cookies Paris

Les Cookies de Monttessuy : Fabrication artisanale

To elaborate the best cookie recipe, it is easy: the first ingredient is a smile! And we have the firm intention to pass it to you. Don’t be afraid, it is not painful, it’s just a habit to take: we sell positive thoughts in our cookies! And for this, nothing better than puting the hands in the dough (yes, you can do it too, we organise cookies workshops for you).

For me, puting the hands in the dough is a relaxing activity, it allows me to take a step back and it also allows you to see through the glass window and make sure we really make them by hand, our little soft biscuits! (During fairs, some people ask me indeed if I really make them myself: you have the answer ;)) : yes, I have a Cookies factory in Paris !

We realise thousands of yumy cookies every week for the pleasure of everyone and there is truly no miracle: after working my muscles during two years, I chose to invest in a dough trough and now I make even more cookies !

Pâte à cookies

Cookies dough : no Thermomix but a cookie trough !

For the fabrication, we make 2 to 4 dough trough of 40kg each week only for the sweet cookies… Yes, that’s already a lot!

By the way a the end of this article, I share with you one of my cookie recipe, if you want to have a go…

Did you know that for every dough trough, we need 130 eggs? That is already impossible to achieve by hand: could you imagine me breaking 130 eggs in my tiny salad bowl?


When the dough is ready, we realise mixes with different ingredients that compose the little biscuit. A soft cookie with different flavours of cookie: chocolate chips, milk chocolate, splinter of salted caramel, peel of sugar-preserved oranges, cherries, walnuts, dry bananas… You probably get it, we have an impressive range of cookie recipes for you to discover!
And again: no machine is involved in the process, we weight the dumplings one by one that will soon become the best cookies of Paris!

cookies dough, salted caramel

Dosage of the salted caramel for the cookies dough

Pâte à cookies : la pesée

Each and every cookie is weighted before putting them in the oven

Mise sur plaque Cookies

giving a shape to the cookies before putting them in the oven

cookies paris - tout chauds

cookies after a few minutes in the oven

And now that you know what we do, I invite you to look at a few of our soft cookies recipies sold at the shop, and for the lovers of good food, I offer you this chocolate chips recipe:

Chocolate chips recipe

By Les Cookies de Monttessuy
I always said that I would write a few cookies recipes. Well, I  am not giving you MY cookie recipe but a simplier one that already proved to be good!

Preparation time :10 min
standing time :1h
cooking time : 9 mn
Total 1 h 19
Result : For the 4 o-clock snack or as dessert, a soft cookie recipe with chocolate chips …

Proportion : around 20 classical cookies 

Ingredients :
egg yolk : 1
butter : 120g
brown sugar: 120 g
flour : 150g
Chocolate chips : 150g
vanilla aroma : 1 cup
Salt : 2g
Bicarbonate : 2g

Instructions :
1. Preheat the oven at 180°C.
2. Mix the sugar and egg yolk.
3. Soften the butter in the microwave or take it out from the fridge one hour in advance

4. Add the butter and the vanilla aroma

5. In a separate salad bowl, mix the flour, salt and bicarbonate.
6. Mix all the ingredients together
7. Add chocolate chips.
8.  Let the dough stand for at least 1h
9. Take the dough out of the refregirator, divde the dough in 20 cookies, make the dumplings and flaten it down
10. Put the cookies in the oven during 9min.
11. Wait at least one hour 1h before removing them,cookies are fragile when coming out from the oven!
12. “Bon appétit”, and if you sent me a few photos of the result?! One of the simpliest recipe among all of the one I propose to you! You can also discover in the shop ingredients for original pastries to create your personalised cookie recipe. But if you want to yield for the soft cookies made on request for you, we can do it for you too, in the sweet or savoury version!

The savoury cookies

Savoury cookies Paris 14

Savoury cookies presentation- Paris 14 – rue didot

The Savoury cookies are born one year before the creation of enterprise in 2009 following this statement:
« Aperitif is the night prayer of French people» said the diplomat and writer Paul Morand (1888-1976).
The dining-cocktail party is gaining weight, french people like to receive guests with high quality products; but they also like to enjoy the company of their friends and family.

And this is where the savoury cookies come on stage! It was out of question to to launch a cookie store without them: there would be savoury cookies on the menu, so leave aside your peanuts!

I decided also not to limit the number of flavours as I create step by step when inspiration arises, along with the seasons. Savoury cookies chorizo, candied tomatoes, comté- provencal herbs, zucchini-walnuts are the usual flavours, but we add some novelties from time to time.

Cookies recipe conté flavour

Mixing the savoury cookies dough with conté

Recette cookies salés conté

Shaping the savoury cookies

savoury cookies recipe- cooking

savoury cookies coming from the oven

savoury cookie recipe- candied tomatoes- appetizer

mix savoury cookies with candeid tomatoes

‘Do not hesitate to have a glance at our available savoury cookies on the savoury cookies page as well as our cookies creations.

Thank you and enjoy the visit,

We hope to see you soon !