Videos & Cookies workshops

How to do soft cookies? In our cookie factory Paris 14 we propose gourmet cookies flavours in the shop and you can join us behind the glass winfow for the duration of a cookie workshop for children and grown-ups too. Specialist in the preparation of sweet and savoury cookies, we share with you our  French”savoir-faire”, our conviviality and originality: welcome in our sweet world! 

Les Cookies de Monttessuy, it’s more than a company: it is a story, a soul and feelings.

Through this video, we wanted to share with you these emotions, the feeling of hand-crafted, the joy and the passion we put while we make cookies but also testimonies of clients and the conviviality of our workshops…

My biggest joy is to please and reconfort you every day
Aurélie, creator

With this video, I take here the opportunity to thank Stéphanie Folbaum from Bomontage company who found the way to transcribe on screen all the emotions that we love to share with you every day.

I also want to thank all the team of Les Cookies de Monttessuy that perform every day:
Claire for her delicious cookies, her active participation in the life of the enterprise and its growth,
Amandine Bouchaud, our graphist who understood the soul of Les cookies de Monttessuy,
Nicolas Mauhin from Success3 who found the way to design the website in order to share the values of our brand.
Florence Akouka from Fleurdesucre who, through her lens, promotes our products, the gift set and the heart of the shop.

But also :
Stéphanie Rivier
 from Mes ateliers SEO for her kindness and her precious advices.
Laurence Allure for her daily support.
I also want to thank all my friends and family too numerous to be quoted but that will identify themselves; people who were here in the good and did not  disappear in the worst moments. I also thank my clients, faithful to our brand. Your happiness is our biggest  pride.

So thank you all.

next video : Thanks to Anyresamag who realised this clip for the opening of the shop,
Special video, cookie workshop :